Our 23-Point Inspection

Keep your HVAC system operating at optimum perform and efficiency. 


MastersMind™ HVAC Corp. provides excellent and reliable HVAC service and installation to ensure your heating and cooling equipment works with optimum performance. 

Similar to owning a car, your HVAC equipment requires regular and routine maintenance to keep your system working efficiently, sustaining quality indoor air, and ultimately lowering your energy bill.


Every three months one of our technicians perform a 23-point inspection, test, and adjust your system. Replace filters for air quality, replace belts as needed for air distribution, and tighten and test all electrical components and safeties to ensure your system is operating at maximum efficiency.

Step 1:

  • Replace Air Filters

  • Condition Condenser & Evaporator Coils for Cleanliness 

  • Electrical Wiring and Terminations

  • Evaporator fan motor and capacitor 

  • Condenser fan motor and capacitor

  • Contactors (evaporator and compressor) 

  • Main disconnect 

  • Main control board 

  • ​​​​Refrigerant pressures 

  • Thermostat condition and operation 

  • Fuses 

  • Condensate drain line, pan, and trap 

  • Voltages 

  • Amperages

  • Temperature 

  • Refrigerant Pressure 

  • Belts

Step 2:


  • Tightening loose wire and connections

  • Chemically clean condenser coil (springtime only)

  • Adjust belt tension as needed

  • Blow out condensate drain line, pan, and trap.

  • Lubricate bearings and motors when applicable.

  • Economizer operation and adjustment (part of a system that will shut down the mechanical cooling if the ambient air outside is cool enough to reach indoor setpoint) This saves on your electric bill. If not shut down, the mechanical cooling will run the compressor will cost more money.

  • Humidifiers – check and clean water panel and nozzles as applicable. 


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